Each and every Hood is completely encapsulated with 2 mil plastic.  We don't stop there, all appliances and adjacent equipment covered for additional protection!

Kitchen Hoods & Baffles

Hoods are Degreased, Sanitized & Polished Every Cleaning.  Before & After Pictures are provided after every cleaning.

Duct Work

Ducts are cleaned to Bare Metal.  All Access Panels are removed, replaced & properly documented.  Before & After Pictures are provided after every cleaning.

H2ot wash Commercial kitchen Hood Cleaning

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Hinge Kit, Grease Box, Access Panel & Filters:

In the event some minor infractions are identified during a pre-inspection or After Service Follow-up Report, no need to worry.  We provide sales, Installation & Service for all of your needs.


Pre-Clean: Scheduling is in accordance with NFPA 96 Table 11.4 Exhaust Cleaning Inspection Schedule.  We reserve your cleaning dates indefinitely and will adjust when needed. Appointment Reminders are mailed in advance.  Our Office will contact your designate representative 24 hours prior.


H2otWash uses its very own proprietary chemicals.  H2otJelly adheres to surfaces and provides the best possible conditions for Saponification.

PAC Certified Technicians

Our Lead Technicians are Certified with a minimum of  500 hours of supervised experience and PAC Certification

The Clean: Our Technicians will cover all equipment & encapsulate hood.  Hood, Filters, Ducts & Fans are degreased, sanitized and polished when applicable.  Roof Surfaces and Kitchen floor cleaned. Before & After Pictures taken. Detailed After Service Follow-Up Report is completed after every service.

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Fans (Up-Blast, In-Line & Utility)

Fans are cleaned to original condition.  Before & After Pictures for every cleaning..



We're ready to make your Commercial Kitchen Hood System the cleanest it's ever been. 

At H2ot Wash, we take our business very seriously.  Our Certified Technicians clean to NFPA 96 Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking.  All of our work is documented with Before & After Pictures, in addition to providing a detailed After Service Follow-Up Report for each Cleaning.  Our Clients are never left questioning the level of service they are receiving. 

Assessment: It all starts with us taking a look at what needs to be done – We'll test your exhaust equipment to verify it is in proper working condition and any issues will be reported prior to your cleaning.  Estimates will be provided upon request. 

We have built our business one client at a time.  At H2ot Wash, we value our customers desire for quality, reliability and professionalism.  We're committed to this industry and work hard to make your business a great success with you and your staff.